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Air Plants FAQ

How do I water my air plants?

In spring and summer, you should water your air plants daily, with hose pipe, watering can. If you are using sprayer, make sure you spray the full plants with sufficient amount of water, you should see the plant turns greener as water spread out on the leaves. In cold seasons, reduce frequency to weekly, and do not water in late afternoon to avoid the cold at night. Allow your air plants to dry out in approximately 4 hours, and don't let them sit in water and don't allow water accumulate in the centre of the plant.

Where can I grow my air plants?

The common name "Air plants" suggests that they need air, good circulating air is very important to them. Anywhere the air is circulating, good day light but not full sun, easy to water, they can grow both indoor and outdoor, if you decide to grow them outdoor, keep them away from frost, you can hang them in air or attached them onto wood, most of them cannot grow in soil.



How much light do air plants need?

Depend on the species, generally the greener varieties require less light but not less than 50 percent shade, and the greyer varieties can take stronger light to nearly full sun. The optimum light condition for most Tillandsias is natural diffused bright light, avoid full sun.


 Do air plants flower?

Yes, all air plants will flower in good conditions, many are surprisingly spectacular! Some plants flower annually and others flower in a longer flower cycle. A plant blooms only once in its life time, either shortly before or after bloom, some offshoots called pup will grow from the sides of the plant.



Tips of air plants turned brown?

Normally because they are not getting adequate water, make sure the plant is well sprayed, fully covered and with sufficient amount, dunking is a good method.


Air plant losing bottom leave?

Tillandsias sometimes lose their bottom leaves when adapting to a new environment or placed in unsuitable environment, if this is not stopping you need to change its position.


How do air plants propagate?

Either shortly or before your air plant has flowered, it will produce young plants known as pups from the parent plant, these can be removed when they are around have the size of the parent plants, it is advisable to leave them on the parent plant to grow into a specimen plant. They also produce seeds, however this is a very long process and will be discussed in other article.


How do I feed my air plants?

Air plants will not die from lack of fertilizer, as they can absorb nutrients from the air and dust, and collect debris from their host plant. However fertilizing helps them to grow much better. Air plants cannot be fed with normal compost, use Epiphyte fertilizers, we recommend EASYGRO foliar feed, use 1 scoop (about 1 gram) per 1 litre of water, do not make it stronger than that, spray on your air plants twice a week.