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Blechnum Gibbon (Silver Lady Fern) Moss Ball Medium

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SKU : MB002
Categories : Moss Balls

This fern can be an indoor or outdoor addition to your collection. Water regularly when it gets hot, but in the cooler months once a week or so should be fine. Indoor plants generally need less water than outdoor plants. Indoors, give this plant a bright sunny room to live in, but not in direct sunlight. Outdoors, it will need semi-shade. They don’t like a lot of wind so protect accordingly. They are quite frost sensitive, so keep them indoors on cold nights or under frost cover! You may find that snails in this fern. If this is a regular problem, try boiling a litre of water with a little chilli and garlic, let the water cool. Strain out the leftover bits and spray the chilli water onto the plant’s leaves. If the problem persists, buy the relevant insecticide or snail bait from your local nursery.