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Randburg Branch

Marvellous Garden Randburg was established in April 2010. We aim to keep all kinds of exotic and exclusive plants in our garden for your pleasure including Orchids, Kokedamas, Staghorn ferns and much much more! Come and explore new ways of growing plants both indoors and outdoors, you can find us here.  


Phalaenopsis Orchids

We have around 40 different colours of Phalaenopsis as well as the best white hybrids, all year round. The freshest orchids will always be available in our greenhouse. When you purchase orchids directly from our greenhouse, it saves the trouble of going through various handling processes of reaching the stores, thus they remain in optimal condition. If you are looking for the perfect gift, or perhaps just putting orchids in your home, you will definitely find everything you need right here.



Kokedama known as Moss Balls

Moss Ball is another form of Bonsai, a new idea which started in Japan in recent years. This concept provides a new way of displaying your plants giving you a feeling of Zen. Our plants actually grow in moss balls and last for many years. You will find our moss balls in some of the best supermarkets in South Africa or better yet visit our branch to witness their magnificence!

The photo below demonstrates what our moss balls eventually grows into, a container covered in live Moss!




One of the most interesting plants, with colourful leaves that remain all year round. We will post more information, keep your eye on us!



Tillandsias known as Air Plants

They are a new trend of indoor plants, click here to find out more.



Indoor Plants

Our selected range of indoor plants is perfect for your homes or offices at the most affordable price!



Exclusive Ferns including Staghorn Ferns



Other Services 

Our friendly trained staffs can provide Re-potting services for your orchids. We also handle bulk orders every season as well as delivery of these orders safely to your indicated destination within Gauteng. You may place your orders here.


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