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Pelargonium Peltatum (Geranium Ivy) Moss Ball

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Native to southern Africa, partially south Africa. This geranium is a versatile plant. It works well in pots, hanging baskets, and gardens. It is not too demanding and a great way to get colour in your garden. Only water it once the soil around it is dry. It likes growing in sunny spots but beware, if this plant gets too hot it will flower for a much shorter time than it should. It does not like too much fertilizer so use sparingly. After the flowering season you should prune it back to the next leaf joint.

It is quite a hardy plant, and can handle a bit of frost, but for nights of black frost, frost cover is advisable.  It does not like windy spots in the garden and keep an eye out for bugs. Rust, red spider mites, aphids and caterpillars will all like to try your geranium.

You can boil a little chilli and garlic in a litre of water. Strain the fluid, and let the liquid cool and add a little soap. Spray it on the leaves and this should help. If not, a trip to your local nursery will provide you with the necessary insecticides.