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Monstera Deliciosa Moss Ball Small

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This delicious monster lives up to its name. This aromatic fruit is edible when ripe. Wait for the green hexagonal segments to drop off, the white pulp is edible. All the way from central America and Mexico, this is a tropical plant. It likes semi shade and plenty of water. Water it especially during dry weather. If your delicious monster is living indoors, find a bright sunny room to put it in, but out of direct sunlight. It’s leaves will get dusty, take a wet sponge and clean the leaves once a month.

You might like to eat its fruit. So does the mealy bug. You can boil a little chilli and garlic in a litre of water. Strain the fluid, and let the liquid cool. Spray it on the leaves and this should help. If you have sprayed this on the fruit, beware when eating it, your fruit might be spicy. If you are having difficulty with mealy bug, go to your nearest nursery for their recommended insecticide and do not eat any fruit from the plant if you are using any kind of insecticide or poison.

As a tropical plant it does not like frost at all so keep it under frost cover on cold winter nights or inside.